About Solvotek International

Solvotek International has been established in NYC by two enthusiastic engineers with 15+ years of personal experience in 3D laser scanning, reality capture and 3D modelling sector.

Solvotek Engineering established in 2008

The company has been established in 2008 in Turkey by two enthusiastic engineers with both technical and business backgrounds. Solvotek’s core expertise is in conducting highly technical and demanding surveys with the use of reality capture platforms. To provide the best 3D data solutions, Solvotek is partnered with industry leaders such as Zoller+Fröhlich GmbH,  Aveva LFM, Paracosm, Edgewise and Nubigon. With the vision of being the best 3D solutions company in its territory Solvotek has completed 1000+ projects in architecture, construction, oil and gas, marine.

Solvotek International

Solvotek International LLC established in NYC

Having 15+ years of personal experience in the 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling, founders of the company established Solvotek International LLC in NYC.

Solvotek International has been providing solutions to different needs in various industries including oil & gas, architecture, heritage, power & energy and construction. Our team has an extensive knowledge about 3D surveying specifically laser scanning and related all 3D professional services. Solvotek International serves all over USA as well as countries overseas.

Widening our network of customers. 

Today we keep working on projects to help our customers on their 3D asbuilt data needs.

If you need an asbuilt BIM model, construction verification, deformation analysis or 3D plant models, we would be happy to share our expertise and help you out in your projects.

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Banu Sayin

Founder & CEO

Banu Sayin, CEO and founder of Solvotek International holds BSc and MSc in geomatics engineering. She started her career in Geographical Information Systems, 3D database design, simulation, 3D modelling and visualisation. Early in her career she came across with 3D laser scanners and co-founded a company specialised in these services. She is expert in Scan to BIM, Virtual Design and Construction and reality capture.


Bora Sayin

CTO / Co Founder

Bora Sayin, co-founder of Solvotek International holds BSc in geomatics engineering and MSc in computer science and information systems and a PhD candidate specialized in autonomous mobile mapping systems and SLAM. He has long time experience in projects in NYC and has experiences in IT, telecom and engineering, guiding Solvotek International in new solutions for oil and gas and marine sectors.