Visual Asset Management

Connect your real world assets with digital documentation of your site.

VAM2 – by Weiss

Visual Asset Management system makes asset management fast, accurate, mobile and affordable, helping to reduce personnel time on site, streamline processes and enhance communication between systems.

Our long time experience in oil & gas sector and factory/facility digitalization lead us to solve a big problem about multisource data and asset management. VAM2 developed by Weiss AG helps you manage, share, present and deliver all file formats on all platforms and all devices directly in the browser. Laser scans, 3D models, documents, videos and many more data sources can be all linked in visual asset management tool.

Some of the application areas where VAM2 can be used for;

  • Gas and Oil Documentation
  • Safety and Security Training
  • Asset Insurance Documentation
  • Interactive Training Manuals
  • Decommissioning
  • Facility Management
  • Mining Documentation
  • Cultural Heritage Documentation
  • Construction Site Documentation
  • Multimedia Art Exhibition
  • Crime Scene Documentation
  • Real Estate & Restoration
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Listed Building Documentation
  • Fire Documentation and Investigation
  • Surveillance

Our Visual Asset Management solutions

We use various visual asset management platforms according to our clients’ needs. VAM2 suits to a broad range of sectors that we are working in. But we also use and integrate other solutions like Aveva LFM Netview and Leica Truview.


Aveva LFM Netview


Leica Truview

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