What is Scan to BIM?

March 31, 2022
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Many people wonder what scan to BIM is. So, what is scan to BIM? Scan to BIM (Building Information Modeling) method is the step of converting the point cloud data obtained as a result of laser scanning into a model with all the details of the building. BIM model generation is created as a result of drawing and modeling the data taken from the building in CAD programs. So why do contractors use 3D laser scanning, how does scanning to BIM work, and what problems can scan to BIM solve? You can continue reading our article to learn detailed information about the subject.


What is BIM?

Building information model (BIM) is the general name given to intelligent models used in the planning, design, construction, and management stages of buildings. In general terms, it can be said that it is a set of systems that bring together experts from different disciplines and that projects and structures born in a digital ecosystem are under control throughout their life cycle.


Below is the video example of Scan to BIM of Javits Center.


Why do contractors use 3D Laser Scanning?

One of the most significant steps of construction projects is the planning part. The required costs and the duration of the construction activities should be determined at the planning stage. For this reason, in projects started with BIM infrastructure, problems that may be encountered from the planning stage can be solved in the computer environment. In addition, it can be prevented from causing additional costs later on.

BIM is becoming a necessity for all structures, not just large projects. While creating a system over the years, a severe communication problem arose between the professional groups performing together. Not only in terms of engineering and architecture but since almost every contractor wanted to implement their software. Also, the techniques in the field, a compelling confusion arose during the project and fabrication. Although it is desired to reduce these problems with standard format files, rework and revision costs still constitute a serious item.

At this point, BIM models offer a fully interactive working environment independent of the contractor. By adding its area to the primary working platform, each working unit can perform its duties in harmony, like the gears of a smoothly running system.



How does Scan to BIM work?

After the question of what Scan to BIM is, another issue is how scan to BIM works. With modern 3D scanning technology, contractors can acquire field data at high speed. The 3D laser scanner is placed on a tripod and contains a high-speed rotating, eye-safe laser.

When the laser beam hits a solid surface, the position relative to the scanner is recorded as an X, Y, Z coordinate. It creates a highly accurate digital picture, often referred to as a point cloud with millions of these points. After the scanner collects the dots, it will capture the color images used to color the scan to create a realistic 3D representation.



Problems that Scan to BIM can solve

The advantages and various problems that the field to BIM can solve are as follows:

  • Eliminates human error from traditional built-in documentation processes
  • Data is collected in a much shorter time
  • Data can be shared faster
  • Teams only need to visit the site once to collect information


As Solvotek, we are here to assist architects, engineers, BIM managers, facility managers, naval architects, and plant managers in scanning and documenting the built conditions of project sites. You can contact us for more information.