What is Reality Capture and Why You Need to Use It?

April 8, 2022
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April 8, 2022 admin

Reality capture is a great way to make your 3D scans. Thanks to Reality Capture, you can easily prepare 3D models, mesh models, produce orthophotos with point cloud data and create geo-referenced maps.


What is LIDAR?       

LIDAR is a remote sensing method that uses laser or light for measurement. Although it is the savior method of complex objects or areas that are impossible to measure with traditional methods in the map industry, it is also more than a lot in the classical construction stages.


What are Point Clouds?        

Laser scanning systems record thousands of data points that they measure with laser pulses on sections of buildings and terrain. Every component of the scanned area, such as deformations, windows, wall surfaces, on the structure is recorded as a point by scaling with x, y, and z coordinates on the area surface.


These coordinated points are obtained from a real-scale 3D spatial cross-section/image of the scanned area. The data that makes up the image are thousands of point clouds encoded in space. The new point cloud is a set of spatial, coordinated data scales.


What is Photogrammetry?    

Photogrammetry is the science and art of determining the shape and size of objects from pictures or other electronic media. It covers the sciences of mathematics, physics, and chemistry and their applications in practice. In addition, successful results can only be obtained from suitable images, which require understandable images.


Benefits of 3D Reality Capture   

There are many benefits of 3D Reality Capture. These are as follows:


  1. Increases productivity

Significantly reduces labor costs associated with 3D Reality Capture, surveying, design, and documentation.


  1. Actuality

Rapid technological innovations, combined with automated software, provide greater accuracy and speed on smaller hardware.


  1. Processes are Automatic

The latest software automates many of the more complex functions of scan capture and processing.


  1. Fast and Practical

The speed and connectivity offered by 3D Reality Capture improve collaboration and interaction. In addition, 3D Reality Capture consolidates business functions and improves workflows.


  1. Detailed Verification

The detail achieved through 3D Reality Capture means users can easily measure and inspect locations without returning.


Industry Opportunities          

The industrial areas of 3D Reality Capture are as follows:


As Solvotek, we are here to assist architects, engineers, BIM managers, facility managers, naval architects, and plant managers in scanning and documenting the built conditions of project sites. You can contact us for more information.